Kubota M7060, buzzing/whining sound and hydraulic pressure

Kubota M7060 buzzing/whining sound and hydraulic pressure Problems

Kubota M7060, buzzing/whining sound and hydraulic pressure. Hi guys. So I just got my new M7060 a couple of weeks ago and have been making good use of it, especially the backhoe. However, I needed to use the cutter, for the first time, so I went to exchange them. After detaching the backhoe from the subframe, I headed over to my mower to hook it up. I noticed a noise that I hadn’t heard before coming from the right side, next to the shift lever and loader control lever. It’s a whine / buzz.

When I tried lowering and raising the loader, it had a lot of power going up, but it goes down at a super slow speed, unless you push it all the way forward in float position. It almost looks like the hydraulic pump is still compensating for the backhoe being attached and pumping too hard or something. Tried lowering the loader with the tractor off and it worked fine, which leads me to believe that it is a pressure problem in the hydraulic system and not one of the loader valves.

I have tried disconnecting the loader valves and reconnecting them, and as you can imagine, I don’t dare to use the tractor until I know what is wrong. This is my first tractor, so my number one goal is not to kill myself, and the second is not to kill the tractor. I sent my salesperson an email, telling him what’s going on, so I hope he will at least connect me with the service department. I wanted to see what you guys were thinking as well so as not to be totally at your mercy. Any help will be greatly appreciated. If anyone needs a photo of something, I’ll be happy to rush out, snap a few, and post them. Thank you.

Check the fluid level in the hydraulic drive system. It sounds like you have air in it and it can be low. Hope this helps!

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