Kubota M7060 Loader Issue

Kubota M7060 loader issue Problems

Kubota M7060 Loader Issue. As tomorrow is a holiday and my dealership will be closed, I have thought of asking here. My tractor is less than 20 hours old, but it might be a simple solution. I have used the loader for the last two weeks to move 5×5 round hay bales and everything seemed fine, however all it was doing was moving / stacking bales.

Today, while digging a hole to bury a dead calf, I realized that the loader was not working as it should. The relief valve does not appear to open either.

Another thing, with the bucket resting on the ground and I connect the dump, it does not have enough power to lift the front of the tractor. I have already checked that the correct color hoses match where they connect and have also disconnected and reconnected the couplers at the valve. My Kubota M7060 has never had a problem like this.

You may have already fixed it. My M135 had electrical feedback through its computer so it involved running a calibration program. My M7060, however, has an upper 3-point arm feedback link. I identified this link and adjusted it until I could hear the hydraulic pump start to complain that it was going to overshoot the relief.

I think the instructions say then you have to go back one round and lock the link in place. I think your tractor is similar to the M7060 in this regard. My problem with the M7060 was that it did not lift the 3-point attachments as high as the L5740 that I changed.

My M7060 was very out of adjustment as it turned out. Go to my dealership – time plus they are the ones who broke the tractors in the first place. I feel better knowing what’s wrong and what it takes to fix it – until I fix something and have important-looking pieces left over.

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