Kubota M7060 runs and then sputters, quits and starts right up again

Kubota M7060 runs and then sputters quits and starts right up again Problems

Kubota M7060 runs and then sputters, quits and starts right up again. I have solved my tractor stall problem and wanted to pass the solution on to everyone. My Kubota M7060 ran fine and then sizzled and turned off. (This occurred while idling or driving – under load or not) I tried at least 10 solutions they gave me and then I noticed that the fuel level in the fuel filter canister was slowly dropping to the bottom of the filter, so the tractor was shutting down. It was obvious that the engine was out of fuel.

I made the obvious solution. I flushed the diesel tank with hot water, but possible debris in the tank was not the problem. So I pulled out the rubber fuel return line that went into the top of the fuel filter. I put my finger in the inlet hole.

And the tractor ran fine and never shut down again, so I followed this return line to a male hose connection in the firewall (on the right side of the tractor). Next to this connector was another connector with a rubber line leading out and back to the engine block. I pulled out this second conduit and started the tractor. There was a lot of diesel coming out, so I plugged it back into the firewall. I did the same test.

No or very little diesel came out of the first tube. So I bypassed the fire wall connectors and using a plastic nozzle, I connected these two hoses together and Bingo. The tractor works perfectly without any further problems, as if it were new (I have 500 hours of use).

Someone on the internet suggested that maybe this firewall I / O thing is some kind of secondary filter, but there is no way to get to it and clean it, replace it, etc. If anyone knows what this firewall thing is please let me know I’m just curious. I suppose if I wanted to, I could install my own fuel return line “in-line” filter, but it seems like it’s not really necessary. I hope this will help someone, someday, get their tractor running right again.

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